ProPaks are regularly scheduled on-site sessions in which we optimize the performance of your computer systems, and perform thorough preventive maintenance. ProPak service prevents downtime and allows you to be continuously productive.

Benefits of a ProPak:

  • Ongoing monitoring of your computing environment. ProActive will locate bottlenecks in productivity and alert you to trouble spots.
  • Comprehensive diagnostic test suites.
  • Workflow analysis with specific suggestions for increased efficiency.
  • Review of current ergonomics and demonstration of ways to enhance current workspace.
  • Knowledgeable, real-world evaluations of hardware, software, and accessories.
  • Previews of new technology

The ProPaks are customized for your computing environment. ProPak hours include:

  • Full diagnostic suites on: logic boards, RAM, hard drives, video boards/VRAM, power supplies, Hard Drive connections; attached peripherals, including keyboard/mouse, scanners, removable drives; operating system software, and application software
  • Firmware analysis, network efficiency evaluation, and system benchmarking
  • Maintenance: Hard drive defragmentation/ optimization; identification of unnecessary files
  • Tracking and testing of major software updates
  • New technology demonstrations
  • Previews: Demonstrations of unreleased software
  • Discounts on parts and labor
  • Discounted emergency service
  • E-Mail support

ProPak agreements are a year in length.

Don’t confuse a ProPak with a service contract! You never benefit from the dollars you spend on a service contract if your machine doesn’t have a mechanical problem during the term of the contract. In contrast, your ProPak investment pays off every day in increased productivity, because regular on-site visits tune hardware and software to peak form.

Additional services:

  • Remote support
  • Software registration and upgrade purchase program
  • Consumables convenience program